Thermo-bug® – From the experts in pest control

Pest controllers demand a discrete, fast and quiet way to combat all kinds of pests. As odourless as possible, without the use of chemical agents. Sustainable, effective and 100% deadly.

In 2005, Thilo Fleschhut, the Managing Director of Fleschhut Schädlingsbekämpfung developed the first Thermo-bug® device in the Swabian town of Bad Waldsee. With the mobile Thermo-bug®, a small revolution in pest control has been achieved. Ever since, denaturation by thermal degeneration is the magic word. In closed rooms, due to ambient temperatures up to 60 °C, every protein compound is destroyed and irrevocably killed.

Jut hot air? As if! The Thermo-bug® method has become a standard tool for smart pest controllers.

The next generation has been in use since January 2018.

Thermo-bug® 2.0: Even more compact, lighter and more stable than its predecessor. Thanks to the digital control via the Thermo-bug® app and other features, it is even easier and more flexible to use.

Convince yourself, you will be amazed – and your clientele will love you.

Thilo Fleschhut is a passionate pest exterminator and is also a certified expert in the field of pest control.

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