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Ther­mo-bug® – From the experts in pest control

Pest con­trollers demand a dis­crete, fast and qui­et way to com­bat all kinds of pests. As odour­less as pos­si­ble, with­out the use of chem­i­cal agents. Sus­tain­able, effec­tive and 100% deadly.

In 2005, Thi­lo Fleschhut, the Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Fleschhut Schädlings­bekämp­fung devel­oped the first Ther­mo-bug® device in the Swabi­an town of Bad Wald­see. With the mobile Ther­mo-bug®, a small rev­o­lu­tion in pest con­trol has been achieved. Ever since, denat­u­ra­tion by ther­mal degen­er­a­tion is the mag­ic word. In closed rooms, due to ambi­ent tem­per­a­tures up to 60 °C, every pro­tein com­pound is destroyed and irrev­o­ca­bly killed.

Jut hot air? As if! The Ther­mo-bug® method has become a stan­dard tool for smart pest controllers.

The next gen­er­a­tion has been in use since Octo­ber 2020. Ther­mo-bug® basic 3.0: Even safer, more effi­cient and more sta­ble than its predecessor.

Con­vince your­self, you will be amazed – and your clien­tele will love you.

Thi­lo Fleschhut is a pas­sion­ate pest exter­mi­na­tor and is also a cer­ti­fied expert in the field of pest control.

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