Thermo-bug® fights bedbugs etc.

Even if Thermo-bug® was primarily designed to combat bedbugs, other pests are also easily fought and killed. As such, we provide a versatile tool that should be standard equipment for every pest controller.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen Mehlwürmer

© Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0


The larvae of the mealworm contaminate food and as they can be carriers of a tapeworm, they transmit intestinal diseases.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen Schaben


Almost exclusively nocturnal, they are omnivores and prefer to hide in warm places such as tiles, skirting boards, behind electric stoves and behind refrigerators. The eggs are protected against poisons by casings.

Eine Wespe auf weißem Hintergrund. Wespen können auch effektiv mit Thermo-Bug bekämpft werden


Wasps are poisonous insects and are spread all over the world. They are especially dangerous for allergy sufferers. They often build their nests in tree cavities, barn roofs, garden sheds or shutter boxes.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen den Katzenfloh


Fleas are laterally flattened, wingless, brownish-coloured insects, which due to their strong third (= rearmost) pairs of legs are capable of great jumps (up to 40 cm).

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen Staubläuse

Dust lice

Often confused with fleas, these insects are barely visible to the naked eye. They prefer rooms with a high level of humidity and mainly feed on mould. They mainly occur in cellars, new housing and libraries.


© April Nobile (CASENT0173986 from / CC BY-SA 4.0


Ants prefer warm and humid places and settle in colonies behind tiles, between walls and furniture, under the floor and in cracks in the wood.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen Fliegen


Flies live in dung, faeces, garbage, compost heaps. They love wounds and sweat; they fly in from the outside. Occur: All year round, with additional numbers in summer. They occur all over the world.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen die Kleidermotte

© Olaf Leillinger  / CC BY-SA 2.5


Clothes moths occur all over the world and throughout the year. They are about 9mm long. Mass multiplication can take place unnoticed among long-hanging clothes.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen den Holzwurm

© Siga / CC BY-SA 3.0


Colloquially, the larvae of the common rodent beetle are referred to as woodworm. They prefer cold, moist areas. As such, they like works of art, furniture, musical instruments and utensils made of wood.

Thermo-bug hilft auch gegen Teppichkäfer

© Kurt Kulac / CC BY-SA 3.0

Carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are inconspicuous small beetles whose body lengths vary between 2-3.8 mm. The brightly coloured carpet beetle has eleven-membered feelers.

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