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Ther­mo-bug® basic 3.0

Work with the best pest con­trol ever.

  • Even more accu­rate, inde­pen­dent mon­i­tor­ing cir­cuits and sen­sors for even safer working
  • Test but­ton for test­ing the safe­ty circuits
  • Safe­ty cir­cuit with fan monitoring
  • Very qui­et oper­a­tion, only 53 dB
  • Cir­cuit break­er for 4.5 kW (half power)
  • Cir­cuit break­er for 9 kW (full power)
  • Oper­at­ing ele­ments under the heat­ing element
  • Greater sta­bil­i­ty thanks to a more sta­ble housing
  • Heat­ing pipe with all-round con­tact protection
  • Tem­per­a­ture mea­sure­ment in the room as a result of the inte­grat­ed tem­per­a­ture sensor
  • 4 com­pos­ite ceram­ic feet for a secure stand
  • 230 V sock­et with 4A fuse, for addi­tion­al fan
  • High per­for­mance fan for high temperatures
  • Micro­proces­sor-con­trolled tem­per­a­ture regulation
  • Dig­i­tal pre­ci­sion tem­per­a­ture sensor
  • Safe­ty shut­down in case of overtemperature
  • Con­trol pro­gramme with inte­grat­ed pro­gramme sequence monitoring
  • Fan fail­ure monitoring
  • Fan block­age monitoring
  • Test but­ton for test­ing the safe­ty circuits
  • CE labelling and test­ed accord­ing to EMC guidelines
  • Con­tin­u­ous mon­i­tor­ing of the safe­ty-rel­e­vant para­me­ters by inde­pen­dent circuits

Prod­uct char­ac­ter­is­tics / features

From a very func­tion­al point of view, the new Ther­mo-bug® basic 3.0 is also a heater for gen­er­at­ing warm air for use in the field of pest control.

But only from a very objec­tive point of view. And of course ambi­tious, Swabi­an Ther­mo-bug® engi­neers are not sat­is­fied with this. With 52.5 dB, the new Ther­mo-bug® Gen­er­a­tion 3.0 is as qui­et as nev­er before. The new hous­ing has been made more sta­ble than ever before as a result of dou­ble-walled sup­port­ing parts. To avoid ther­mal over­load, the con­nec­tion hous­ing with all of the oper­at­ing ele­ments was repo­si­tioned under the radiator.

The heat­ing pipe was pro­vid­ed with a per­fo­rat­ed con­tact pro­tec­tion all around. The tem­per­a­ture mea­sure­ment in the room is now car­ried out by an inte­grat­ed tem­per­a­ture sen­sor. 4 com­pos­ite ceram­ic feet ensure an even more secure and tem­per­a­ture-resis­tant stand. The com­fort­able plas­tic car­ry­ing han­dle has been rein­forced with an inte­grat­ed met­al band and made even more durable.

The appli­ance has a micro­proces­sor-con­trolled tem­per­a­ture reg­u­la­tor with a dig­i­tal tem­per­a­ture sen­sor. The sen­sor is posi­tioned on the air intake side. The use of a dig­i­tal pre­ci­sion sen­sor means that no sub­se­quent adjust­ment of the con­troller is nec­es­sary dur­ing the life­time of the appliance.

The mea­sur­ing inter­val is 1 mea­sure­ment / sec­ond. The cor­rect func­tion­ing of the con­trol pro­gramme is con­tin­u­ous­ly mon­i­tored by an inte­grat­ed pro­gramme sequence mon­i­tor­ing system.

A fail­ure or fault affect­ing the tem­per­a­ture con­trol sys­tem leads to an imme­di­ate shut­down of the heaters. The tem­per­a­ture of the appli­ance is con­tin­u­ous­ly mon­i­tored by an inde­pen­dent safe­ty cir­cuit. If the tem­per­a­ture of the appli­ance is high­er than 80 °C on the air intake side, this leads to a safe­ty shutdown.
In addi­tion, there is an electro­mechan­i­cal tem­per­a­ture safe­ty switch on the out­put side of the appli­ance, which also switch­es off the appli­ance if a cer­tain tem­per­a­ture is exceeded.

The func­tion of the built-in fan is con­trolled by a mon­i­tor­ing cir­cuit. A fail­ure of the fan due to a block­age and/​or slug­gish­ness as a result of for­eign bod­ies that have been sucked in or age-relat­ed wear is detect­ed and this leads to a safe­ty shut­down. The unit is designed in such a way that there is no auto­mat­ic restart after a pow­er fail­ure or after a safe­ty shutdown.

Dis­cov­er how easy it is to use the new Ther­mo-bug 3.0 basic

Tech­ni­cal data

Dimen­sions Width: 670 mm, Depth: 330 mm, Height: 600 mm
Weight approx. 19 kg
Oper­at­ing voltage Three-phase cur­rent 3 x 220 — 240 V / star circuit
Rat­ed voltage 400 V, 50 Hz three-phase alter­nat­ing cur­rent with neu­tral conductor
Rat­ed power 9000 kW
Oper­at­ing volt­age input / mains connection CEE built-in plug 16A
Heater out­put (switch­able to two levels) Lev­el 1: 4.5 kW | Lev­el 2: 9.0 kW
Pow­er with­out heat­ing (air circulation) approx. 90 kW
Elec­tri­cal safety Safe­ty class Ι
Set­ting the con­trol temperature 30 °C — 70 °C, in incre­ments of 1 °C
Con­trol accuracy +/– 0.5 °C
Mea­sur­ing interval 1 sec­ond
Fault detec­tion time < 2 seconds
High-per­for­mance fan  300 mm, 1800 m³/​h
Noise lev­el 52,5 dB
1 inter­nal tem­per­a­ture sensor 0 °C — 80 °C
Safe­ty ther­mo­stat (ST) auto­mat­ic shutdown at 80 °C (Addi­tion­al inde­pen­dent electro­mechan­i­cal tem­per­a­ture safe­ty switch)



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Basic device for dis­in­fes­ta­tion up to 60 ° C.
The Ther­mo-bug® basic is deliv­ered ful­ly func­tion­al, includ­ing oper­at­ing instructions.

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