Many applications

The Thermo-bug® is very versatile. Within a short space of time you are able to fight bedbugs and other pests on your own premises. No chemicals are needed and the application is discrete. Normal operations are not interfered with. This is where you can discover the versatile applications of Thermo-bug®.

Help! Confirmed infestation of bedbugs in a hotel, retirement home, hospital or similar public facilities

The worst of all cases has occurred. You have been reported as having bedbugs on your premises or you have detected an infestation yourself. Now speed is of the essence as the pest is able to rapidly proliferate.

  • Call a pest controller. The pest controller will come straight away and he will work on your premises in a way that is absolutely discreet, noise-free, fast and extremely effective.
  • They will take immediate action and, in consultation with you, they will also draw up a long-term plan for controlling bedbugs

Immediate actions that you can take yourself

  • Close off affected areas immediately
  • Avoid spreading the pests – do not remove objects from affected areas

Particularly businesses providing accommodation and all public facilities benefit from our noise-free Thermo-bug devices. The use of our high-performance fan heaters ensures absolutely discreet, yet highly effective work. Your guests/patients, etc. will not notice that a pest controller is on the premises. Unnecessary panic, premature departures and other reactions are avoided. Thermo-bug® fixes the problem for you. In next to no time. With the security of death.

Risk detected, risk averted

In order to be aware of the presence of bedbugs and not to be informed by hotel guests/patients, etc. in the first instance, your staff must be informed as to how to recognise a possible infestation.

This includes knowledge about

  • what the pests look like,
  • the traces they leave behind
  • and their hiding places

Early recognition and action enables you to provide the best level of protection for your guests/patients and it also protects the good reputation of your business!

Hotels & apartements

When many people from all over the world come together, they are likely to be surprised by bedbugs. With Thermo-bug® you can fight the parasites quickly and discreetly. Particularly today, the reputation of your business is more important than ever: In particular, dissatisfied guests are likely to complain about supposedly negative experiences in hotels and apartments. A study by the University of Kentucky revealed that nearly 75% of respondents would leave the premises and/or request a refund if the presence of bedbugs was established.

In order to maintain the good reputation of the business, it is important to have a discrete strategy in the case of an infestation of bedbugs. You are definitely assured of this with a pest controller who uses Thermo-bug®.

Accommodation for refugees

Refugees sometimes bring bedbugs with them, which crept in on the long journey. Once again, it should be emphasised that bedbug infestation is not a sign of poor hygiene. Problems involving bedbugs regularly affect 5 star hotels, too. However, it is not only travelling people who bring bedbugs with them, bedbugs can also get into used furniture that is, for example, donated to the establishment.

In order to counteract the bugs from spreading rapidly, you have to act fast. This is done in order to avoid the temporary closure of the facility, e.g. such as the case that occurred in Bremen in 2015. Thermo-bug<sup>®</sup> quickly destroys all bugs without the use of poisons and is therefore the ideal choice.

Schools & kindergartens

Bedbug infestations also affect kindergartens and schools. In order to prevent the parasite from multiplying rapidly, it is necessary to act quickly in a targeted way. At the same time, ongoing operations should not be disturbed in a sustainable way. With Thermo-bug® this isn’t a problem: Without the use of chemicals or poisons, the respective room is quickly freed of insects so it can be used again as soon as possible.


The parasite can also spread in prisons. Here, it is especially important to fight the bugs without disrupting ongoing operations and then clean the affected premises quickly and thoroughly. This is because in an open prison, prisoners can carry the parasite on their clothes into the city and/or workplace when they are given day release.

Thermo-bug® destroys ectoparasites and other parasites thoroughly and quickly, making rooms usable again within 24 hours.

Are you convinced?

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