Thermo-bug® – A successful revolution in combating pests

With the development and manufacturing of Thermo-bug® high-temperature fan heaters, we have successfully created high-performance technology that is an effective method in combating pests and insects, especially in confined spaces.

Death by heat

Thermo-bug® high-performance fan heaters work according to the principle of denaturation. This method implies a change in the structure of biomolecules such as proteins. These structural changes can be effected through chemical influences (salts, acids) or by physical effects e.g. extreme heat. The consequence will always be the death of every form of life.

At a temperature above 45 °C (and below -18 ° C), every form of life will die within a short period of time. With Thermo-bug® heating fans, it is possible to increase the room temperature to 60 °C max. (for at least 1 hour) in a quiet and very uncomplicated way, and in doing so, irreversibly destroy any life as a result of protein coagulation. Absolutely deadly, without any chemistry whatsoever.

Ein Skelett eines toten Tieres in der Wüste, es ist heiß

Ethically correct

On the one hand, the method of effective pest control through heating represents a perfect, non-toxic alternative to the pesticides that were previously used and on the other hand, it corresponds to the ever-increasing need of society to protect nature and/or the entire ecological cycle.

Thermo-bug® also combats other pests

Mealworms, black beetles, ants, insects that bite and/or fly (wasps, flies, fleas, moths), cockroaches, material pests such as woodworms, carpet beetles, dust lice. More information about other pests.

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